The Handflight Foundation Netherlands was founded on March 10th 2016 16:00 PM at Ockhuyzen Notariskantoor, Kronenburgsingel 60, 6831 GX Arnhem.

Ambassador of the Handflight Foundation Netherlands is Robin Ammerlaan


The Handflight Foundation NL Board consists of

Chairman, Aukje Engel,


Secretary, Peter Creyghton,

Peter Creyghton

Treasurer,Maartje Winkel,

Maartje Winkel

The board hopes to raise more awareness of Handflight flying and help to achieve many succesful Handflight projects in the Netherlands!

Stichting Handflight Nederland, Koetsierwaard 16, 6846 EX Arnhem

The Foundation is listed at the Arnhem Chamber of Commerce (65563212 Arnhem).

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